EPAS international: upgrade of labscale setup

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Upgrade of labscale setup

EPAS international


EPAS International has recently expanded its laboratory equipment with a lab-scale filtration setup (Figure 1). This allows EPAS to perform filtrability tests on the entire scale of filtration possibilities, meaning from microfiltration up to reverse osmosis. The tests are performed using flat-sheet membranes, and pressure is applied by injecting pressurized nitrogen gas in the headspace of the liquid above the filtration membrane. Using this lab-scale method, it is possible to get an idea of some operational parameters such as the permeability, up concentration factor, trans membrane pressure (TMP), flux, retention of contaminants and permeate quality. This setup has already been successfully used in multiple industrial projects.

Next to the lab-scale filtration setup the laboratory equipment has also been expanded with a portable silt density index (SDI) measuring setup. The SDI is used to determine the amount of colloid material in wastewater, which helps estimate the fouling that can be expected from filtering the tested wastewater over NF or RO membranes. The portability of the setup allows to bring the setup on-site for quick testing in case of  troubleshooting or problems with filtration units, without the need of the client to send separate samples for testing in the lab of EPAS International.


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