The Open Membrane Database (OMD) for desalination membranes

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The Open Membrane Database (OMD) for desalination membranes

KU Leuven


The OMD is an open-access archive of characterization data for over 650 water purification and desalination membranes. We have recently also published an article about the OMD in Journal of Membrane Science, that you can find attached below.

The reason we have launched the OMD is because we realized how time-consuming and costly membrane performance characterization can be, and how hard it is to find data in published work. The OMD contains data for organic and inorganic membranes that are sourced from over 650 peer-reviewed literature, patents, and commercial product data sheets. The Database will also grow over time, as users can easily upload data as it is published.

We also see the OMD as a new tool for developing next-generation membranes that supersede the performance of state-of-the-art membranes. The Database allows users to benchmark their newly developed membranes against the state of the art and develop synthesis-structure-performance relationships via meta-analysis.

Colleagues and I have worked diligently over the past year to establish this platform, and we hope that you find it most useful in your work. We also encourage you to upload your own membrane data to the Database, so your work may be included in analysis by other researchers. Only then can the potential of the OMD be fully exploited !

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