Mission & Vision

Mission – why do we exist

We helps water technology companies create new market opportunities in Belgium and abroad. 

We stimulate innovation originated from market demand. We set up innovation chains from development to valorisation and dessimination of results.

We support a strong network of companies in a cooperative and respectful atmosphere.

We creates a connection between research institutes and industrial users to enable a flow of technology.

We focusses on sustainable industrial reuse of water and extraction of energy and resources from water streams, with the ultimate goal to close "The Blue Circle".


Vision - What we want to accomplish

Market development

We publicise our members via our website, newsletters and events.

We represent our members by taking part in national and international fairs.

We promote the interests of the technology sector in cooperation with other organisations.

We stimulate the application of innovative technologies by informing end users in the industry.

Innovation stimulation

We organise workshops on innovation in water technology.

We execute innovation projects, whether or not in cooperation with other partners.

We communicate the industry's needs to the academic world and communicate research results to our member companies.

We participate in international platforms regarding water technology.


We bring together members with mutual interests leading into synergy and cooperation.

We aspire cooperation with other scientific and professional associations pursuing complementary objectives nationally and internationally.