About KO-Water

Cost-effective Use of Water resources in the process industry

KO-Water is a new VIS-project that will start on 1 October 2018.

In many companies, water is a highly valuable resource, but monitoring and control of water use is usually not considered a core activity. Due to climate change, however, water will play an increasingly important role in the production process.
Nowadays, several (drinking) water saving techniques are already available. However, to most of the companies these technologies are insufficiently known. They often are not aware that various techniques, such as membrane technology, have become more efficient and affordable and allow for a simple follow up, which makes them much more widely usable.

The aim of the project is to support the implementation of (drinking) water saving techniques in processing companies. For that, the sector will be informed on recent evolutions of these technologies. The focus will be on the implementation of membrane technology to allow the use of alternative water resources, such as the effluent of the company's wastewater treatment plant and of other process streams, in the production process. Beside, attention will be paid to the utilisation of groundwater and rainwater.