Hydrogen peroxide sensor in de tuinbouw

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Hydrogen peroxide sensor in proefstations voor de fruitteelt



There is a European program Interreg Vlaanderen-Netherlands (2014-2020) regarding “RECirculatie zonder Uitspoeling of Puntlozing tijdens de opkweek van Aardbei” shortly named RECUPA. Translated Recuperation of water without draining water during the growth of strawberries.

As of 01/01/2021 each strawberry grower needs to capture the first 100 m³ of water and reuse it. Therefore disinfection is necessary. In Belgium there are 502 strawberry growers active.

The project has a goal of developing a circular watersystem for strawberries to make the drainwater of the trayfield suitable for fertigation. A part of the project is the evaluation of different disinfection techniques to make recirculation of water feasible. Proefstation Hoogstraten (PH) and Proefstation Groente teelt Sint-Katelijne Waver (PSKW) are working together on this project. PSKW: testing will be done from different disinfection techniques on the cultivation of Lettuce as this culture also has big volumes of water with low transmission (comparable to strawberries).

Proefstation Groente teelt Sint-Katelijne Waver:

Proefstation Hoogstraten: will test on the trayfields on strawberries: