Closed loop FO-RO pilot installation

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Closed loop FO-RO pilot installation

PaInT - UGent


The Particle and Interfacial Technology group (PaInT) at UGent has acquired a closed-loop Forward Osmosis – Reverse Osmosis (FO-RO) pilot installation, originally manufactured at KWR (NL). The pilot installation features four 8040 spiral wound FO vessels and one 4040 RO pressure vessel. The system will be housed in the CAPTURE research facility at Zwijnaarde, Gent, in the new 350 m2 pilot hall. This pilot system will enable us to study FO concentration of large feed volumes. The pilot system was used in a study recently published in the Journal of Membrane Science, where the behaviour of organic micropollutants in closed-loop systems was studied.


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