Upgraded Submerged Ultra Filtration (SUF) plant tested for optimal post treatment of effluent from a Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant

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Submerged Ultrafiltration (SUF) for optimal post treatment of Municipal Wastewater



In Taipa-Macau (China) the three existing lanes fitted with an SBR system (69.000 m3/day) has been upgraded with a new Submerged UltraFiltration (SUF) post-treatment system. This implementation is part of a multi-year exploitation and an Engineering, Procurement & Construction project which was awarded to Waterleau Group in 2017.

The biological effluent is effectively pretreated by disc filters which is fitted on each of the three treatment lanes. The prefiltered effluent is subsequently fed into the three lanes of SUF systems, each containing 12.870 m2 (198 x 65 m2/module) of hollow fibers. These are internally supported by BOW-membranes (Beijing Origin water) which have a narrow pore size distribution (0,02‑0,03 µm) to ensure high filtration accuracy. The system works in continuous cycles of feed, filtrate and bleed (back to WWTP) in which high fluxes (30–50 LMH) can be achieved at low TMP (<50 mbar). During the measurement campaign following reductions where achieved:

  • the TSS of the biological effluent from 16,6 to 3,7 mg/L
  • the effluent COD from 56 to 36 mg/L
  • the effluent BOD5 from 7,5 to 5,1 mg/L.

The obtained effluent is then further disinfected and therefore suitable for irrigation purposes.

Bio Effluent suitable for irrigation
Bio Effluent pumped over the disc filters pretreatment
Submerged UltraFiltration (SUF) system
View on Submerged UltraFiltration (SUF) modules

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